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4 Tips for Buying that Special Someone Lingerie

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There comes a point when you may consider treating that special someone to lingerie. Whether it is for a special occasion or a random surprise gift, it can be daunting shopping for lingerie. When shopping for lingerie, you can’t only focus on what you would like to see her wear. It is important to pick something she’d like or she may reject your gift. Here are 4 Tips for picking out the perfect lingerie for that special someone:


  1. Pick a Piece that You Are Sure She’d Like:


Think of her personality, how she dresses normally, any other lingerie you have seen that she owns, and what the colors that she favors. If she prefers to wear dark muted tones, she may not appreciate something brightly colored. If she likes lace and small details, she might not like leather and fringe. If she tends to dress more conservative, she probably wouldn’t like something very risqué. Keep her personality in mind when choosing the perfect lingerie piece.


  1. Know Her Size:


It is important to pick the right size when purchasing lingerie. Though you might be able to exchange the piece later, if you purchase something too large or even too small she might be upset. Take a look at the tag on pieces she already owns. Pay attention to brand and size of multiple items. Sizing differs from brand to brand, so if you see she has a lot in a particular brand it might be safe to stick with that brand.


  1. Plan for the Occasion:


What is the reason you are purchasing the lingerie? Is it a sweet gesture? Or, are you wanting to spice things up a bit? Whatever the occasion, just ensure you aren’t picking something too far out of her comfort zone – or she won’t wear it.


  1. Purchase on Your Terms:


If you are a little apprehensive about walking into your local lingerie shop, there are many opportunities to purchase online. There are a lot of specialty boutiques, big box stores, and other online retailers that carry full lines of lingerie in a variety of sizes and styles.


Once you have purchased the lingerie, take care on how you present it. A simple bag or box with a card is thoughtful gesture. Gift her the lingerie in the intimacy of your own home, and not in a public place – no one wants to open lingerie in front of strangers. With these tips, you should be able to pick out the perfect lingerie for the one that you love.


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