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5 Benefits of Moving During Summer Months

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The summer is a busy time for moving. Moving companies, rental truck services and the like experience their peak season during the summer. There are a few advantages to moving during this season as opposed to others, and what follows is a list of five benefits to moving during the summer months.

Kids Are Out of School
For families, moving during the summer is extremely convenient because children are out of school. This means that the transition from the old school system to the new one is seamless and made much easier. Kids will have time to adjust to their new surroundings and make new friends before heading back to school.

Weather Is Nicer
There are no two ways about it – the weather during the summer is much more pleasant, making the moving day much less stressful. It’s more likely you’ll be moving on a sunny, warm day without inclement weather. You can open windows in your new house to air things out, and grabbing boxes outside from the moving truck is easier in warmer, nicer weather.

More Daylight
If you’re aiming to make moving day a one-day event, then moving in the summer is definitely your best bet. It allows you to take advantage of the extra hours of daylight that summer provides, so even if you’re unloading late into the evening, you’ll still have some light.

Housing Options
Real estate availability, including houses to buy and properties to rent, rises during the summer months. A larger selection means you increase the chances of finding a house that fits you and your family’s preferences. If you’re selling your current home, you also increase your chances for finding a suitable buyer.

Yard Sale Season
Before moving, it’s a good idea to purge items you already own that you don’t need or want anymore and would rather sell instead of packing them up to take them to the new place. Many people have yard sales or garage sales before moving to lessen the load of stuff they have to pack. Summer is an excellent time for yard sales as you can have them outdoors and if it’s on a frequently traveled road, people are more likely to stop and browse through your offerings.

If you’re looking to relocate in the near future, moving in the summer may be a good option for you and your family.


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