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5 Financial Benefits of Adding Retractable Awning

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You may have a lovely grassy area or small patio that butts right up to your home or, even better a concrete or brick patio where you can easily place tables, chairs, and even an attractive outdoor rug. If your backyard space needs some shade, you may want to consider a retractable awning. Here are financial benefits to adding a retractable awning to your home:

Less Expensive Manner of covering Outdoor spaces
It can be pricey to cover a patio with a wood frame and shingles, galvanized steel, or tiles. Covering an outdoor space will not cost you so much if you just decide to use a retractable awning. The beauty of these awnings is that you can use as many as you desire as long as you have places to anchor them and it is aesthetically pleasing.

Saves on Electric Bill
A retractable awning will help shade windows and glass doors such as French doors from the sun, keeping the sun’s heaviest rays out of your home. This will assist in reducing your utility bills, when the heat of the sun does not beat down on the interior of your home.

Reduces Fading of Drapes, Rugs, and Upholstery
When the sun is prevented from permeating your home, your belongings will not fade. Even those items under the awning such as tables, chairs and sofas and even wall-mounted televisions will be protected from the elements and stay in good condition for longer periods of time, cutting replacement costs dramatically. It is still a good idea to scotch-guard all of your outdoor furniture to keep it from mildewing or staining. And remember, you will no longer need umbrellas in your yard if you have attractive and functional awnings.

Provides Free Entertainment Space
Any extra covered space is going to provide you with more room for parties. You will not have to rent party space or go to an expensive restaurant on birthdays and other special occasions. Parties and gatherings can be held in the quiet and comfort of your own home and yard. Ideally, it would be best to add the awning close to the kitchen. Add a large grill to your backyard so you can barbecue for your guests instead of taking them out to an expensive dinner at a local restaurant.

Adds to resale value of the home
If you have future plans to sell your residence, a retractable awning will provide extra space that prospective buyers are in the market for. Be sure your realtor lists this feature on your listing.

As you can see, adding a retractable awning can provide a homeowner with so much value and so many financial and personal benefits. Add an awning to your pool shed for those who don’t want to get too much sun on extra hot days. An awning on your gardening shed can provide extra shade or play space for children or overheated yard workers.


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