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5 Ideas to Create a Unique Fun Kid’s Birthday Party

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It’s that time of year again. That special yearly event that marks the momentous day your child was born. This is one of the days that you want to show them just how special they are. There are many creative and fun things that you can do to show your child just how proud of them you are.

Themed party 
Create a theme for the party based on something your child loves, or as a surprise. You can theme everything including plates, tablecloth, balloons, activities, food, and cake. You can even take the theme a step further and have all the guests dress according to the chosen theme.

Unique games 
Get rid of the old standbys such as pin the tail on the donkey and go for new creative games. Have a treasure hunt, or create an obstacle course. The idea is to pick games that are original. These will create memories of your child’s party that stand out from the rest.

Get creative 
There is one thing that all kids love and that is being able to express themselves in a creative way. This will not only give your child a memory, but it also gives the children attending a souvenir to take home with them. Create an arts and crafts station where the children can make customized party favors. Take a group photo and then have them paint their frame. Have the children design and paint t-shirts. Design personal mugs with colored sharpies.

Create a cake 
Have all the children partake in the creation of the birthday cake. Make cupcakes for all the children and then place out everything needed to decorate them. Frosting, sprinkles, confetti, candy, decorating gel, and candles. They then place their cupcakes together to form the birthday cake, a candle on each, and the birthday song is sung.

Make it seasonal 
Create the party based upon the time of year the birthday falls on. If it’s a Summer-time birthday you can have a party at one of the local trampoline parks. An autumn birthday can take place with a trip through a corn maze. A winter birthday can be an afternoon of building snow forts and drinking hot chocolate. A spring birthday can be a create-a-garden party with flowers that will bloom every year as a reminder of that special day.

The main thing to remember when planning a birthday party for your child is that you want to create a special memory for them that they won’t soon forget. It’s not always the amount of money you spend on your child that they will remember. It’s the little things, the unique things that your child will carry in their memory for years to come.



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