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5 Important Questions To Ask Your Lawyer after a Drug Charge

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If you’ve been arrested with a drug charge, you need a lawyer to get you through the process as painlessly as possible. While the situation may be difficult, the right lawyer can make it better. But how do you know you’ve found the right lawyer? You ask the right questions. Here are 5 important questions to ask your lawyer after a drug charge.

What’s our strategy?
Before you hire a lawyer, you should ask them their strategy to make sure that you have a similar plan. Ask about what options you have and about the pros and cons of all options. Be honest about all of the details so that your lawyer can give you the most accurate advise. This should be one of the most important factors in your decision, because when you have a similar plan, you will work together much better.

What are the anticipated costs? 
Let’s face it, it’s important to know what you’re going to pay for your lawyer’s services from the get-go so that you can determine if it’s in your budget. Emphasize that you want to know about any possible additional fees. You can also ask when the bill will be due. Is it possible to make installments? Is there interest? A lawyer should be able to give you a detailed estimate at your consultation.

What’s your experience in cases like mine?
Not all defense lawyers will primarily work on cases like yours. Choose a lawyer that’s well-versed on fighting your exact type of case. You can also ask their record in fighting your type of case. Also ask how much experience they’ve had at your local courthouse. Experience at a court means that the lawyer has developed relationships and proved themselves among their peers. This could be advantageous for you.

What should I do? 
After being arrested, your lawyer and the court will require things from you throughout the process. Ask what is going to be expected of you in the foreseeable future in regards to court dates and possible outcomes. You should also inquire into any things you can do to help your case at this point. He may ask you to stop using, stop seeing certain people, going to NA classes, or cleaning up your image. It’s worth a shot to follow the advise.

Were there anything illegal about the arrest?
Go over the arrest with your lawyer in detail. Show them any photos, videos, or audio that you might have of the incident. Then tell them the entire story. Ask people who were with you to be witnesses if you think that anything illegal happened. Cops are not allowed to illegally search you. If they did, tell your lawyer all the details. It might just get your case thrown.

You deserve proper representation. Start your search for your criminal defense lawyer with us. We’ll do our best to get you the best result possible.


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