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5 Tips for Staying Motivated at the Gym

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You started out with the greatest intentions to get healthy and fit. You joined a gym and started working out. But then it slowly became a chore; you began dreading your workout or finding excuses not to go. Making a change in your routine is hard. Sometimes all you need is a little extra motivation. Here are a few tips to help you get and stay motivated at the gym.

Getting There is Half the Battle 
Whether you are a morning or evening person, know your best time to work out and schedule it in your phone. Set a special alarm with your favorite song to get you going. You can even keep an extra gym bag packed to prevent the excuse of your gym clothes being in the laundry. By prioritizing your fitness time, you will end up with more energy for all the other things in your life.

Grab a Friend 
A workout buddy provides a social aspect to your workout. They make the workout more entertaining and make you accountable. Knowing someone is expecting you is often all you need to get moving. Also, you can be a little competitive and challenge each other. This might help you push through for a longer or more vigorous exercise session.

Mix It Up 
If you do the same workout every day it can get boring. It’s much easier to stay motivated if you mix up your workouts. You can also get better results from your efforts. Because your muscles adapt to repetition, changing things up challenges your muscles. Try changing machines, running your outdoor route backwards, or taking a new class.

Set Reasonable Goals 
You can’t expect to be ready to run a marathon or lose 50 pounds in a month. Big goals are important, but smaller goals help you to feel that you are accomplishing something more quickly. Try to make your goals fitness related and not just about the numbers on the scale. Those numbers change daily and don’t accurately reflect how well you are doing.


Challenge yourself to do a little more in your workout at least every week. Even if you are just starting out, do one more lap around the track or one more set. If you set and track these small attainable goals, you can enjoy the small victories as you reach them.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize 
You deserve something special for your dedication to fitness. You can celebrate the small progresses with new gym clothes, a special water bottle or treat yourself to a spa day. You can even tape a gift card from your favorite store on your mirror to give you the incentive to keep moving.

Some days it’s hard to get moving but making yourself and your fitness a priority will keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey.


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