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6 Tips Every Bridesmaid Should Know

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Being in her wedding is a special way to show a dear friend you care. Bridesmaids have many important duties before, during, and after the wedding. They serve as fashion stylists, party planners, decorators, and most importantly, as support for the bride. If your friend has honored you with a request to be her bridesmaid, here are six useful tips that will help you as she gets ready to walk down the aisle.

1. Get Planning Started Early

You will probably be asked to be a bridesmaid about a year ahead of time. This gives plenty of time for you and the other bridesmaids to coordinate details. You’ll need to start planning things like the bridal shower and the bachelorette party with plenty of lead time.

During the planning, it pays to be ready for anything. You should put money aside, since being a bridesmaid can cost up to $1,000. Expect the cost to go up if it is an upscale or destination wedding.

2. Be Social

Get to know your fellow bridesmaids, and the big day will be even more fun when you get there. It’s not possible to be best friends with every one of the bridesmaids, but a little social capital will go a long way toward smoothing the road for you.

3. Don’t Complain

While you are a big part of the wedding, large decisions are not yours to make. You’ll have to wear the bridesmaid’s dress that the bride picks out. If she is kind enough to take you shopping with her, don’t throw a fit if you don’t get the dress you wanted. Being a bridesmaid is one day in your life when you’ll have to let go of the little details.

4. If You’re Not Sure, Ask the Bride

In the planning, there are some things that shouldn’t be a big surprise for the bride. You may have a huge bachelorette party planned, while she may be more low-key. Try to get a feeling for what she would really want before you make any hard plans.

5. Don’t Expect it to be a Date

If you’re bringing a plus one to the wedding, don’t expect to be able to spend a lot of time with your significant other. You will be sitting at the head table and spending most of your time with the bridal party.

6. Be There for the Bride

Crazy things happen during weddings. Be as prepared as you can for all the little mishaps that may occur. Bring stain wipes, a sewing kit, extra sanitary supplies, safety pins, and travel size cosmetics. You never know what you’ll need during the wedding.

Being a great bridesmaid is just a part of being a great friend. Your friend who is getting married will appreciate the time and care you put into her wedding. You’ll have the special memories to look back on forever.


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