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7 Reasons Why Every Elementary School Needs A Laminator

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Technology today is so wide spread; it covers practically every aspect of daily living. Schoolteachers are now allowed to teach from computers, and every student now has their own personal computer to use in class. Smart boards are a must have in classrooms today; it does the teaching while the teacher does the clicking. Schools are high tech, but one thing has not changed and that is the school laminating machine. It has become a staple in elementary schools, and a must have for every classroom teacher. The laminating machines may not be high tech, but they serve many purposes for elementary teachers and students.

The laminating machine has been around for several decades, and is increasing in its usefulness to schools, teachers, and students. All elementary schools need a laminating machine for a wide range of uses.

  • Teachers in early childhood development classes can use the laminating machine to safeguard and protect the student’s identification cards. They can be laminated and put on a lanyard so that they will be kept and decrease loss of ID.
  • Teachers can preserve paper by laminating worksheets for elementary students. They can then be used over and over, year after year. After use they are just wiped clean.
  • Teachers can laminate flash cards in every subject to help students learn. This will save the school and the teacher money as teachers sometimes purchase some of these items themselves.
  • The school can use the laminating machine to protect important information posted inside the school for parents. The team of teachers in a grade level can use one book of worksheets, copy and laminate the pages, and have them for the entire year.
  • Having a laminator assists teachers in creating reusable and reliable materials for student learning. Many schools do not use books; instead they rely on printed worksheets. The laminator will be a cost effective tool for the school to build sets of materials for the cost of paper.
  • A laminator will help students keep up with materials and projects. The school will benefit from having a machine that can have all of the bulletin board material in plastic for yearly use. Seasonal bulletin boards can be stored easier if they are laminated.
  • A laminator is good for preserving archived material that may be needed after a period of time. Filing can be made easier with laminated jackets for files.

Laminators have not lost their usefulness in elementary schools. Teachers depend on it to make their jobs simpler. Schools need them to help reduce paper waste, and save on the money spent on reams of paper per teacher per year.


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