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Everything You Should Know About Custom Challenge Coins

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Custom coins originated from combat pilot challenge coins then later spread to the rest of the military. In the military, the challenge coins were utilized by several armed forces to determine members when confronted by sentries. In these days, custom challenge coins are awarded by traders and collectors to sports teams, military, and organizations from all over the country. Knowing custom coins and challenge coins can give you the freedom to trade pieces from your collection.


  • Designing custom coins 

To make custom coins for your organization or sports team, you require to present the design first. A good custom coin design must entail only a few elements that stir up the spirit of the team. Custom coins only contain a limited number of colors: three to four utmost, which identifies the group, the slogan, name, and title of the team which are displayed on the coin. Also, you can design coins with pure metals such as bronze and copper or precious metals such as silver or gold.


  • Minting coins

After doing the bulk work of designing a custom coin, now it’s time to contact your local manufactures to mint a number of pieces with your design. Utilize the internet search engines to situate such mints and send them the model of your image via email as well as the description including the number of pieces to be produced, the type of metal and the thickness. When you are ready for the minting, after designing, choose a mint that meets your specifications and budget.


  • Selling and Distribution

After receiving your custom challenge coins from the manufacture of your choice, distribute them to the members of your team. The remaining coins can be sold to traders, collectors, and other interested parties. Also, the coins can be utilized as a gift from particular individuals for their contribution to the group. You can carry some when attending special conventions or events and utilize them for gathering coins from other teams.


  • Trading coins appear to be a favorite hobby in the current trends

Nowadays, custom challenge coins are traded and marketed online in forums and other platforms. Level of knowledge and participation among these groups differ from newbies to experts. The online trading is assisted with secure online payment and shipping services. Also, social media platforms provide a beautiful space to organize and meet with the seller to transact face to face.


  • Storing your challenge coins 

Custom challenging coins are always kept in safe storage boxes to avoid public perusal, air pollutants, and away from the light, moisture, and heat all of which can degrade the coin. Consider acquiring one of the unique made albums for storing the custom coins. With proper maintenance and careful handling your customized coins will deteriorate a little and can appreciate as time goes by.


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