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How to Avoid Wait Times at the Airport

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There are times where you will run right through the airport security lines, however, at other times you may need to spend 30 minutes or more waiting. If you’re in a rush, waiting in the line for ages in order to get past security may likely cause you to miss your flight. You can stop beginning your trip on the wrong foot by trying these tips to avoid the wait at airport security.

Try to avoid popular travel times 

This is probably the most unquestionable advice you could get. The simplest means of bypassing prolonged periods spent at the airport is to fly when no one else is.

Airports normally are the busiest at these times:
•Monday in the morning
•Friday evenings
•Popular vacation times such as Christmas week or the day before Thanksgiving

People who travel for the business rush into airports towards the start and finish of every week. In the summer and through prolonged breaks for schools, Thursdays or Fridays are usually packed with families traveling as well.

Observe the wait times at Airports with TripIt 

Nowadays you’re able to look at average security wait periods on your phone. TripIt analyzes wait times for airport security in order that you can schedule when you’ll want to depart for the airport. Additionally, you are able to follow the flight situation as it’s happening in real time and give your travel schedule to family and friends in order for them to know when you land to pick you up.

Global Entry versus TSA Precheck 

The most efficient method to avoid airport security is to acquire a Global Entry membership or TSA Precheck.

If you’ve waited in a lengthy security line and saw how people can skip it using their own line, this isn’t that they’re more successful than you. It’s due in part because they own either Global Entry or TSA Precheck.

Although these plans are extremely alike, one (TSA Precheck) is used for just national flights and then the other (Global Entry) is used for global travel as well.


Precheck for TSA is used just for national flights and you’ll be able to use the expedited security lines as well. You won’t need to have an approved passport to get a TSA Precheck due in part because it’s just used for national security with upwards of 200 U.S. airports.

By owning a TSA Precheck, you’ll then be able to normally spend five minutes or less waiting.

Also included with bypassing lengthy wait times, you won’t need to take off any of the following items either:

-Light jackets

Roundup of how to bypass the lines at airport security 

No one wants to spend time waiting in high traffic airport lines, particularly if you have to get to your next flight right away or you need a few extra minutes to rest in the airport lounge prior to taking off. It’s definitely simpler to avoid the lines than you may first assume and it’ll take some pressure out of the travel process.


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