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How to Stay Healthy this Flu Season

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It is just about that time of year again – flu season. Last year was a horrible flu season with a lot of hospitalizations and even some deaths. This year is predicted to be another bad flu season. There are a lot of ways you can help to prevent getting sick. Here are some tips to follow:


Get a Flu Shot –

Getting a flu shot is one of the first steps in prevention. While you are still able to get the flu after getting the flu shot – the effects won’t be as bad. Flu shots are easily available. You can get them at a larger pharmacy, at your doctor’s office and even sometimes a mobile nurse that comes into your office. There are many ways that you can get one with little to no charge with insurance.


Eat Well –

To keep your immune system up and body functioning properly, it is important to eat a healthy and balanced diet. If you eat a bunch of junk and don’t fuel your body properly, your chances of getting sick increase.


Stay Away –

If you know people at work that are sick or even at home – if at all possible, try and avoid them. If you are unable to avoid them, wear a facemask and wash your hands after any interactions with them or things that they have touched.


Get Enough Sleep –

Getting enough sleep every night is important for many reasons – one of those being keeping the immune system strong. If you don’t get enough lack of sleep it is easier for a virus to invade your immune system and once it does – it will take longer to recover.


Reduce Stress-

Another big immune system strain is stress. Stress throws your systems out of whack and it is harder for your system to fight off infection or viruses. Find something to help you relax and decompress like yoga, a hot bath or seeing a therapist.


Don’t Touch –

It is imperative that you be cautious during the flu season. Avoid touching your nose, hands or eyes. Be careful about touching objects that are shared like door handles, toilet handles, faucets and phones – if you can use a paper towel or glove to keep a barrier between you and the object.


Wash Hands –

Washing hands is important – especially during those times in which illness is high. Make sure to take your time and scrub well with soap and water. You may also want to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all times as there may be a time or two where you are away from a sink.


It is important to take necessary precautions to stay healthy and avoid getting the flu or other illness like a cold. If you do happen to get sick, see your doctor right away as they may be able to give you Tamiflu to help cut down on the severity.


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