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What Information Is Required To Ship Your Vehicle?

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You may be looking to move your car from one part of the country to another or even just somewhere in the country. You might have purchased a vehicle from a dealership in another state or online from a third party. If you’re shipping a car through an auto transport agency, you have to provide documents that the company can use to verify that you’re the true owner and have insurance.

Inside the United States

If you’re using an auto shipping service to send your car, or any other type of vehicle, somewhere in the United States, you must provide numerous pieces of information such as the registration, original title, proof of insurance and a picture identification.

Registration and Original Title: You need to bring the original title and registration with you when you want to ship your vehicle. If there’s a lien currently on the title, a letter of permission must be provided from the lienholder.

Picture Identification: A photo identification of yourself must be offered. You can either give your up-to-date state driver’s license or your unexpired passport from your country of legal residence.

Other Considerations: If you’re not the car’s owner, you need to present a notarized report with explicit information. Such needed information may include the auto transport company’s requirements, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) number of the car and the complete name of the person who you are acting on behalf.

Do a Damage Inspection

The shipping agency will typically walk around the vehicle before they load it onto the truck. They are trying to see if any dents or scratches are visible and will make record of them. If something were to get damaged, it’s a crucial piece of evidence. Ensure you review the car and comply with these notes.

Shipping to Other Countries or Overseas

If you’re using an auto transportation company to ship your vehicle to another country or overseas, additional types of data and documents are required.

Bill of Sale: You need to have a bill of sale (preferably notarized) to prove that you are the one who owns the car. Car companies that ship can’t transport your car to another country without having the consent of you, the owner.

Pricing Variables

Location: Deliveries made between major cities can cost less than shipments carried out in smaller towns or cities. This is due to the fact that more carriers drive these routes.

Vehicle Size: A heavier will add more weight and a large vehicle will take up more volume in the carrier. This makes them cost more to transport.

Season: Cars don’t get transported around as much in the winter, so the costs might be lower at those times.

Check With Your Insurance

It’s vital to see what the company’s liability insurance covers if anything were to happen during the shipment. Most reliable carriers are going to have upwards of $50,000-$100,000 in coverage. You can also check with the insurance you hold to review the coverage you would have if an accident were to happen.

Whether you’re relocating for a job or purchasing a car electronically, these are the only documents you should need. Are you still curious about some part of the process? If so, look at our other articles to ensure you’re taking your vehicle safely from one point to another.


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